Street Law Clinics at Boise Public Library: Second Mondays

 Have a legal question, but can’t afford a lawyer?

 The Idaho Trial Lawyers Association is econd onday of each month, beginning  February 11, 2013. The clinic will run from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and be held at the Boise Public Library (Downtown Branch).

For more information, see the poster (below), call 208.345.1890 with questions or visit

Street Law Poster

Housing Assistance and Information

Housing Information and Referral
Many Idahoans are struggling with housing insecurity during the economic downturn. Information and referral providers can serve as a guide for those seeking housing resources or strategies. Continue reading

HUD’s ‘Stealth’ Release of New Desegregation Plan

Excerpts from CD Publications’ Housing Affairs Letter:

HUD Unveils Massive Integration Plan

HUD intends to submit a new rule proposal in April targeting massive desegregation of each of the nation’s more than 74,000 census tracts. The plan, modeled on HUD’s Westchester County, NY low-income housing mandate, will require that each census tract contain a similar percentage of minority families that now live in concentrated areas of a local/regional government’s jurisdiction. HUD determined that the county’s minority population is 10%, mostly concentrated in White Plains and Yonkers.”

“Elections Delayed Agenda Release

HUD has kept its new plan under wraps for more than a year by delaying release of its semi-annual Unified Agenda of Regulatory & Deregulatory Actions. Sources tell HAL the Obama administration deliberately withheld the Spring 2012 Unified Agenda (UA) because of the political volatility of some of the proposals. OMB delayed release of the Fall 2012 UA until after the November elections for the same reason. The UA was finally released late Dec. 21 after government operations were shut down for the Christmas holiday, keeping the issues well under the political radar.”

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Rainbow Welcome Initiative helps LGBT refugees

From their web site: Rainbow Welcome Initiative supports the resettlement of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and/or Transgender (LGBT) refugees and asylees by offering technical assistance to service providers and disseminating critical resources relevant to both resettlement staff and refugees and asylees.

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