9th Circuit Court Decision in Garcia v. Brockway

While the Fair Housing Act and related law are relatively static and unchanging, the interpretation and enforcement of the Act are dynamic, and evolve over time as the body of case law and decisions grows. As significant decisions are rendered, they may be referenced here for educational purposes to help viewers better understand enforcement actions and court decisions that influence future activities.

Garcia v. Brockway Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals 5/13/2008 (Currently making its way through the courts)

Case Summary (from Daily Case Report)

“In consolidated cases, plaintiffs brought design-and-construction claims under the Fair Housing Act against the builders and owners of residential buildings for failure to have certain features that would make them accessible to the disabled.

Affirming the grants of summary judgment in favor of the defendants, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals determined that the limitations period had expired where the cases where filed more than two years after the conclusion of the construction phases of the buildings.”