Therapy Chickens: more than fresh eggs

City Says No To Boy’s Therapy Chickens

The City Council in DeBary, Florida recently reversed its decision to let residents keep up to three backyard hens. A growing number of U.S. communities have allowed backyard chickens as part of a movement to encourage urban agriculture and local food self reliance. For most, chickens are a source of fresh eggs and potent fertilizer; for one family in DeBary, the change threatens a positive influence in the life of their son, who has autism.

It would appear that there is a split over the new decision at the city level. Mayor Bob Garcia wanted to see the backyard chicken option extended, but some on City Council prevailed. From the article:

DeBary Council member Nick Koval defended his decision to end the program, saying chickens don’t belong in residential communities.

“It’s unfortunate, and I sympathize,” Koval said. “But we spend a lot of time and money establishing codes and ordinances for the protection of the citizens and taxpayers of this community. And I believe that they [chickens] belong in agricultural areas.

While Koval’s views reflect one perspective on a national trend, the larger question may involve whether the animals could be considered as a needed accommodation for the three-year old boy’s disability. Stay tuned.

This is not to say that chickens might not represent an ‘undue financial or administrative burden’ for housing providers

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