Educational resources for providers

You’re looking at a great educational resource right now. This web site contains an FAQ & Glossary pages that serves as a basic primer for those getting up to speed on fair housing law, or for anyone with a specific question about terminology. Our information on Limited English Proficiency (LEP) will prove useful to communities and providers alike. Look for more robust on-line training opportunities in the near future.

Another great resource for providers is Fair Housing Accessibility First! FHAF contracts with HUD to provide fair housing training with an emphasis on FH Design and Construction Requirements. FHF offers a toll-free Design and Construction Resource Center: (888) 341-7781 (V/TTY)

Many Idaho providers have had good experiences contacting HUD’s FHEO experts for technical assistance or to learn techniques for compliance.

In Idaho, the Spokane Field Office can offer some guidance at (509) 368-3214/ or by email the Spokane FHEO contact or you may call the Seattle Hub office toll-free at (800) 877-0246

Idaho’s ADA Task Force also provides technical support and training for accessible Design and Construction of the built environment with an emphasis on the Americans with Disabilities Act. (208) 344-5590 (V/TTY). There’s much more information on our Resources and Links page.

While Idaho’s fair housing advocates (i.e., Idaho Legal Aid Services, Intermountain Fair Housing Council, Idaho Human Rights Commission) are key to understanding local testing and enforcement patterns and practices, there are also civil rights attorneys who specialize in educating housing providers and communities on fair housing practices and the rights of providers to representation in related cases.