Judge Orders Boise County to Raise Taxes

Federal Judge Lynn Winmill ordered Boise County to pay the plaintiff in a 2010 fair housing settlement the first installament in a $5.4M judgement.

In addition to requiring a payment schedule, the U.S. District judge ordered the county to raise  taxes (even if it exceeds the legislatively imposed cap) and to prioritize payments using unspent county funds. The unpaid balance increases at 5.5% interest.

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2011 Analysis of Impediments

Analysis of Impediments (AI)

The 2011 Idaho Analysis of Impediments (AI) is a report commissioned by Idaho Housing and Finance Association and the Idaho Department of Commerce. Work on the analysis and the statewide stakeholder survey was performed by BBC Research and Consulting. The 2011 AI represents Idaho’s most comprehensive and robust study to date, and analyzes policies and procedures involving land-use, lending, investment patterns, and complaint data for the state of Idaho.
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