Seven Days: Passage of the Fair Housing Act

One week in 1968 changed official U.S. policy towards segregation. Watch ‘Seven Days’ to see how the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. focused political will to address America’s legacy of discrimination. #FairHousingFriday #MLK #CivilRights

Segregation by Design

Did you ever wonder how segregation became so pervasive or how discrimination has impacted our economy and communities? Take 17 minutes to view ‘Segregation by Design.’ #FairHousingFriday #Segregation #HousingPolicy.

House Rules: America’s Journey Towards Fair Housing

This American Life broadcast a history of the Fair Housing Act, the factors leading up to it, the individuals and agencies who played different roles in it’s evolution, and what it means to our society and the actual people affected by discrimination. Radio worth listening to. Podcast available after 11/24/13 here.