Ramp Up Idaho expands partner network

The Ramp Up Idaho project started as a conversation among community and economic development professionals last year who noted that barriers to access = barriers to commerce. Many rural communities lack a unified approach to accessibility; although many resources are available to fund improvements, few businesses or local governments know where to start.

Ramp Up Idaho aims to change this through outreach, building partnerships and connecting businesses, chambers and communities with available resources and accurate information. By getting various stakeholders to talk about planned downtown projects early enough to leverage investments and existing capacity to remove barriers in more cost effective ways.

“A simple conversation can lead to cost-saving partnerships and tools business owners never knew existed…not to mention expanding access for everyone.”

In just the past few weeks, more partners have expressed interest in joining the discussion. Many see this as a way to expand the discussion about access to new audiences with different perspectives. Whenever people start thinking about access to essential services, it’s easier to make the leap to a broader conversation about more inclusive communities in general.

For more information, visit www.rampupidaho.org or ‘like’ the project at www.facebook.com/RampUpIdaho

Ramp Up Idaho

Where access meets opportunity; Ramp up, and watch business roll in.

Welcome! This space is for working documents and other files for RampUpIdaho partners. We are a diverse group of community and economic professionals exploring the economic impact of accessible retail, commercial and housing infrastructure throughout Idaho.

Draft RUI brochure for review 8_20

(please take a look at this and let Erik know if we need to make any changes before it goes to the printer this week – 8/22)

For partners. If you have large files to share with the group and they are currently online, send me a link and I’ll re-post here.

What does access look like? Just for fun, here’s a lo-res video clip of the first scooter/chair use of a ramp IHFA had constructed (in partnership with the good people at Boise Parks and Recreation) between our east parking lot and Julia Davis Park. The historic gate was not wheelchair accessible, so our building manager worked closely with the BP&R reps and our contractor a few years ago to create a better option. It has made a big difference!

First scooter through the gate

Time Sensitive! Pedestrian Curb Ramp Program apps due May 1

The Idaho Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Pedestrian Curb Ramp Program Application and Program Guide for the 2013 application cycle have been released. The application and reference materials for this funding opportunity can be found at the I-Way website: http://i-way.org/announcements/2013-curb-ramp-application-and-overview.

Deadline for submittal of the application is: May 1, 2013 at 5:00 PM MST.

If you have questions concerning this application, please contact Shauna DeMeritt () at ITD’s Division of Transportation Performance Program Development Team.

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