ABA Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law

It is fitting to see the American Bar Association’s Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development publish this collection of articles in time for Fair Housing Month. In part because we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, May 25th of 2020. The video of his killing triggered worldwide protests and a continuing period of acknowledging the treatment of BIPOC populations in law enforcement, corrections, employment, education and housing.

Students of the Fair Housing Act understand


  • The Race Conversation About Housing
  • Disasters Do Discriminate: Black Land Tenure and Disaster Relief Programs
  • Race, Place, and Housing in Los Angeles
  • Building a More Equitable Land Use Regulatory System: Toward a Twenty-First-Century Zoning Enabling Act
  • Excluded and Evicted: The Impact of Mass Incarceration on Access to Housing for Black and Latinx Tenants
  • The Harms of Liminal Housing Tenure: Installment Land Contracts and Tenancies in Common
  • Race and Housing: The Great Betrayal Revisited and Repaired.
  • Two Proven Approaches and a New Proposal for Low-Income Homeownership
  •  “Don’t Blame Stokely Carmichael”: The Need for Federal Fair Housing Leadership

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