Fair Housing Fall | Good Neighbors + Fair Housing = Strong Communities

Idaho Fair Housing Forum partners are breathing new life into the ‘Good Neighbors + Fair Housing = Strong Communities campaign. This joint effort among Treasure Valley entitlement communities and IHFA includes radio and television spots along with evergreen posters that remind everyone that fair housing choice benefits everyone.

The initial campaign aimed to create a simple referral option through the Idaho 2-1-1 Care Line. The 2-1-1 staff and management developed a protocol to track and refer calls or complaints.

In September you will be able to find our cities sharing the importance of Fair HousingĀ  through various radio and local advertising channels. If you would like to help amplify this message, please feel free to use the poster below.

Campaign posters available in English and Spanish

See this previous post for links to audio and video PSAs.

The group is also working to jump-start the regular Forum discussions; more on this in another post!