Idaho Fair Housing Forum re-boot set for October, 2021

Get ready for some renewed activity and energy for the Idaho Fair Housing Forum! We will be rounding up long-time and new partners to revive the legacy or productive collaboration among Idaho stakeholders.

The Idaho Fair Housing Forum was created in 2003 through the initiative of Brian Dale, then a Community Builder with HUD’s Idaho State Field Office. The collaborative effort helped re-start and improve dialogue among housing providers, public and private sector partners, and fair housing advocates.

As Facilitator, Brian’s goal was to create a ‘safe space,’ where every stakeholder could exchange ideas, ask questions and seek collaborative solutions that reduced fair housing act violations through better communication, thereby reducing the net cost of housing. And to a large extent, it worked!

Three HUD staff pose together, on the left, Kristina Miller, seated on a powered scooter in the center is Brian Dale, and at right is Michael Look waring a suit and tie

Kristina Miller – HUD/Office of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity; Brian Dale – State Director, Idaho Field Office; and Michael Look, Region X Deputy Regional Administrator

The original Forum included a diverse mix of stakeholders. For over 15 years the group met regularly and pooled our resources to create innovative outreach materials, including annual Fair Housing Month events, calendars, and long-running campaigns.

Fast forward to 2020, and Brian Dale is now the State Director of HUD’s Idaho Field Office. Several factors—including a pandemic—led to an extended hiatus, but partners are committed to rolling up our virtual sleeves and working together toward shared goals with new collaborative leadership.

Stay tuned for updates and new projects!