Site Redesign – New Features

Welcome to the newly updated site. Here are a few new features:

  • Search Tool. Use this field to type in and search for key words in this site.
  • Google Translate Feature. Below the Search field is a new translator tool. Use this to convert the site’s text to any of the available languages. To revert to English, use the Google Translate bar at the top of the screen to ‘show original’ (English) version.
  • Waiver of Liability. OK, so this has always been part of the site, but it’s important. Please read the liability waiver before using any part of this site.

This site was originally created with joint supportĀ from the City of Boise and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA). The site is currently maintained and supported by IHFA as a courtesy to those interested in or impacted by fair housing and related law. To suggest corrections, news or new posts, use the ‘contact us’ link or call 1-877-438-4472.